If this is an emergency please proceed to the nearest emergency department or call 911.
For controlled substance renewals please contact your family Doctor. Renewals handled by the Virtual Care Clinic are at the discretion of the Nurse Practitioner on duty

Speak to a Nurse Practitioner

The North East Virtual Care Clinic is a Nurse Practitioner-led virtual care clinic that works with local health care providers to ensure patients can access more timely care.

Who we Serve

Patients with new or persistent cough, fever, rash or other similar symptoms
Patients with imminent concerns but are not life or limb threatening
Patients with or without a primary care provider

We work with hospitals to refer patients to their local Emergency Department if needed, and provide information on Health811 for patients seeking a primary care provider.

How does it work?

Registering for a Virtual Care Appointment

Patients can register for an appointment with the North East Region Virtual Care Clinic 7 days a week between the hours of 1:00pm and 9pm, through this website or by calling 1-888-684-1999.

Emergency Care

In the case that we feel patients are in need of emergency care, we will work with local hospital systems to refer them to their Emergency Department.

Speak to a Nurse Practitioner

or call 1-888-684-1999

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